Qysea Fifish Pro V6 Plus Underwater Drone

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  • Qysea Fifish Pro V6 Plus Underwater Drone

    More powerful in functions and simpler in operation, the Qysea FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS is an expert in underwater advanced solutions. Diving up to 150 meters deep, the V6 Plus adopts the newly patented Q-Motor stabilization system, a newly upgraded underwater intelligent system, anti-collision system, and an automatic fixed-range sonar system that can deduce the distance from targets -reducing the complexity of operating. With the optional underwater quick positioning system, you can track and locate the ROV's position underwater at any time. Integrated VR intelligent technology offers immersive control. The V6 Plus achieves semi-automatic operation and offers strong compatibility. 


    Sonar Array Distance/Altitude Lock

    The distance lock and altitude lock sonar systems measure the forward distance and the downward altitude in real time - making the device less difficult to operate via more efficient and accurate inspections. 


    VR Head Tracking

    The user can fully immerse themselves in the underwater world! With the Head Tracking feature, users put themselves in the drone's point-of-view and control the drone's direction by simply turning their heads.

    Quick Data Transfer and Store

    The SD Car is removable, and all data is instantly exported. The SD card comes standard with 128GB and can support up to 512GB. 

    AR Scaler

     QYSEA's patented AR scaler is precise up to 1cm as the self-adaptive measurements and data are visible on the FIFISH APP.

    Interface Expansion, Unlimited Application

    The Q-IF interface comes with the superb accessory bracket design. This bracket conforms perfectly with the drone and accessories to offer seamless transitioning between multiple scenarios and tasks. (Please Note: Accessories NOT included)

    • 1 QYSEA FIFISH PRO V6 PLUS Underwater Drone
    • 156Wh Battery & Chargers
    • 1 Rugged Industrial Case
    • 1 Remote Controller
    • CNC Aluminum Propeller (x 6)
    • VR Goggles 
    • SD Card
    • 200-meter Tether & Spool
  • Weight:
    11.2 lbs

    Maximum Diving Depth:
    492 ft (150m)

    Tether Length:
    656 ft (200m)

    6 Degrees of Freedom:
    Moves Left & Right, Up & Down, Forward & Backward

    360° pitch, 360° roll, 360° yaw

    Battery Capacity:


    Video Resolution:
    4K UHD
    240 frames per second in slow motion


    Field of View: 166°


    2 x 3,000-Lumen LEDs

    Photo/Video Formats:

    Color Temperature: