Qysea Fifish Pro W6 Underwater Drone

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  • Qysea Fifish Pro W6 Underwater Drone

    With an incredibly depth-rating of 350-meters, the Qysea Fifish Pro W6 is truly in a league of its own. An industrial-grade underwater ROV platform, the Pro W6 comes equipped with even greater battery capacity, stronger power, a far better current-fighting capabilities as well as the patented 6 Q-Motor system. No matter what application - whether it be inspecting bridges or water tanks, securing aquaculture samples or exploring the waterbed - the Pro W6 is sure to perform superbly! 



    Innovative Dual 4K Camera System

    The W6 comes with TWO 4K ultra-high-definition cameras to create their dual camera system, which provides a wide field of view and provides users with a far more complete picture of the surrounding environment. Users can now coordinate motion observation and operation monitoring far more efficiently with this new camera system. 



    5 Q-Interface for Payload Integration

    Unlike previous models, the Pro W6 has been developed so that the incredible accessories and attachments can be swapped and mixed with ease. The W6 contains 5 Q-interfacers for payload integration. Easily swap out the comprehensive accessories of the UQPS, sonar array system, various claw types (like hooks and dozers), and various water samplers. Never before has QYSEA offered users the ability to control both hardware and software in order to enrich the functions of their underwater operations. (Please Note: Accessories NOT included)

    Removable Battery

    This industrial drone's standard battery has a capacity of 388Wh which translates to up to 8 hours of battery life! Even more, the battery can be easily removed from the ROV and replaced with a freshly-charged one, allowing users to continue their operations beyond the 8-hour battery life. The battery also supports a quick-charging mode, which can replenish up to 70% of the battery in just 1 hour!


    • 1 x Qysea Fifish Pro W6 Underwater Drone
    • 2 x Rugged Industrial Case
    • 1 x Robotic Arm
    • 1 x Replaceable Claw
    • 1 x Remote Controller
    • 1 x VR Goggle Set
    • 1 x 305-meter Tether & Spool
    • 1 x 3-meter Communication Tether
    • 1 x 388Wh Battery
    • 5 x Q-Interface Modules for Payload/Accessory Integration 
    • 1 x Set of Chargers for Drone & Remote Controller
  • Product Weight:

    Maximum Diving Depth:
    1148ft (350m)

    Tether Length:
    1000ft (305m)

    6 Degrees of Freedom:
    Moves Left & Right, Up & Down, Forward & Backward

    Top Speed:
    4 Knots (2n/s)

    360° pitch, 360° roll, 360° yaw

    Battery Capacity:

    Battery Life:
    Up to 8 hours


    Video Resolution:

    4K UHD


    Signal Format:
    PAL and NTSC

    Wide Field-of-View

    Vertical FOV:

    Horizontal FOV:

    Max ISO:

    12,000 Lumens