REATHLETE FOLD Massage Gun For Athletes

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  • REATHLETE FOLD Massage Gun For Athletes

    Handheld, Wireless Deep Tissue Massage – Ideal for Back, Shoulder, Arms, Glutes, Calf muscles - Full Body Pain Relief

    Muscle pain and stiffness put a hindrance to your daily routine and may lead to chronic pain, restrictions in mobility, anxiety, dependency on painkillers, and pricey visits to massage therapists and chiropractors. 

    ReAthlete FOLD is a percussive therapy device designed to be your go-to personal, powerful, and portable pain relief solution. This handheld percussive massage device increases blood flow which can help reduce inflammation and muscle tension, relieve pain, and break up stubborn knots. In short, it makes you feel better.

    REATHLETE is here to provide you with an alternative, natural solution to alleviate pain and muscle discomfort anywhere, anytime.
    Ergonomic Adjustable Arm can help you reach all those tough spots by opening up to either a 90-degree or 45-degree angle.

    3 steps to use your REATHLETE FOLD: 

    1. Unfold it
    2. Select your head attachment and speed
    3. Place REATHLETE FOLD on a problematic area

    • 1 x Fold Percussive Massage Therapy Device

    •  5 x Head Attachments

    •  1 x Design Box

    •  1 x Carrying Case

    •  1 x Charger

    •  1 x User Manual

    • Charge Time
      1 Hour

    • Weight
      1.75 lbs

    • Max time usage
      5 hrs
    • Noise level
      Under 45dB

    • Max Force
      55 lb Stall Force

    • Product Measurements
      8.6"L x 4.8"W x 3.3"H