ROBOTIS DARWIN MINI 3D printable & programmable Humanoid Robot

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    • ROBOTIS DARWIN MINI 3D printable & programmable Humanoid Robot

      The ROBOTIS MINI 3D printable is the new way to learn with fun. This is a two steps fun. First, build your robot from scratch with all pieces and instructions. Then control your robot and play with him.
      Be Careful: Only compatible with android devices!

      Building the Robotis Mini
      Building the Robot Mini is an exciting challenge. The building manual will provide you very clear instructions as well as tips to build faster. The building part is made of electrical and assembling work. You will learn so much about electronic.

      Controlling the Robotis Mini
      You can control your robotis mini after downloading the free Robotis Mini app on your android device. You have the possibility to control it via Button, Gesture, Voice Recognition, or Messenger commands. let your creativity speaks to give to this robot its full potential.

      Programming the Robotis Mini
      You can programm the robot with the ROBOPLUS task, a graphical, drag-and-drop programming tool based on C++. This robot is made to help you becomming a perfect developer.

    • 1/ Robotis mini building parts
      2/ Building guide

    • Grade Level:
      7th -12th Grade

      Content hours:


      R+Design,R+Task, R+Motion



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