Tile Asset Tracker Essentials (4-pack)

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  • Tile Asset Tracker Essentials (4-pack)


    Do you have several things to track? The Tile Essential is for you. This pack is a combination of our bestsellers to upgrade your tacking experience. Constantly losing your remote? Worry not, the Sticker is here to save the day. How about your business laptop? Just slip the Slim and you’ll keep it safe. Do you have active pets? The essential pack Mate got you covered.

    You’ve got all our best Bluetooth trackers to fit your needs-- just one essential pack with high-performance smart-finding devices.

    Main Features:

    1. Tile Slim and Tile Mate have 200 ft. Bluetooth range
    2. Tile Sticker has 150 ft. Bluetooth range
    3. Up to 3-year user-replaceable battery
    4. Portable, compact & water-resistant
    5. Compatible with Android, Windows and iOS platforms
    6. Guaranteed your data is protected: We do not sell data, nor do we use location data for marketing purposes.

    This Comes with Two Stickers

    The essential pack comes with two stickers with a Bluetooth range of 150 ft and best for tracking pets, remote control and electronic device. In this pack, you’ll get not just one but two small stickers that you can stick to anything.

    Experience the Mate Tracker

    The Mate tracker is all you need for keys, bags and wallet tracking, this is an everyday-life tracker that you can attach with anything you frequently misplaced. The essential comes with 1 Mate that you can use daily.

    Always in with the Slim

    You also got the slim in the 4-packs essential. The perfect tracker is for your tablet, laptop and even wallets. Imagine the convenience this sleek finder can give by just slipping or putting it to your valuables.

    Devices with Best Compatibility

    All three devices are built with smart compatibilities. It works for Android, Windows and iOS platforms. You can also connect it with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Xfinity, and Siri. The smart-finding experience just got better.

    Gifting to Your Loved Ones?

    This is one of the best gifts you can give-- the gift of convenience and smart tracking. We all are guilty of losing our stuff daily, this 4-in-1 pack can save you friends and family so much time and trouble of finding their missing things.

  • 1 x Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker
    1 x Tile Slim Bluetooth Tracker
    2 x Tile Sticker Bluetooth Tracker
    4 x Free Gift Envelopes

  • Perfect for:
    Mate: Keys, backpacks, pets
    Slim: Wallets, passports, tablets
    Sticker: Remotes, Electronic devices

    Slim and Mate: 200 ft
    Sticker: 150 ft

    Slim and Mate with Louder Ring than the Sticker

    Mate: Water-resistant
    Slim and Sticker: Water-proof

    Mate: 1.38 x 1.38 x 2.44 inches
    Slim: 3.37 x 2.13 x 0.1 inches
    Sticker: 1.06 x 0.29 inches