Timekettle M2 Language Translator

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  • The versatile translator M2 

    The Timekettle M2 is an innovative and powerful translator earbud. This translator can translate online and offline speeches in more than 40 languages and 93 accents. You can use the Timekettle M2 to play music and make calls with a spectacular sound. M2's AI technology delivers an unparalleled translation experience. It is perfect to break language barriers while traveling, learning, using daily, and doing business. This translator can be used in three different modes:

    Listen Mode
    The perfect solution to get all the speech! Activate the Timekettle App and place your smartphone in a place to capture short speeches in a group. (Not recommend for movies and videos).

    Speaker Mode
    Don't miss any conversation! Only one person needs to wear an earphone. M2 will recognize and translate your spoken sentences. This mode is perfect to ask for directions, order food, and more.

    Touch Mode
    Easy and practical! Each need to wear an earphone translator. You can tap the sensor to activate voice recognition and translate every sentence. The translation will be played in the other person's earbud continuously.



    You can use the Remote Mode too

    You can use the Timekettle M2 Language Translator remote mode to translate in 40 languages. Join chat groups and select the default language, and you will be able to see the original text in another language for reference. The M2 not only recognizes languages but also recognizes accents! You can connect to WIFI or a network to translate in a two-way mode. The AI technology connects the M2 with 14 high-speed servers across the globe. Timekettle service helps you to communicate effortlessly wherever you are.

    - Arabic
    - Portuguese
    - Cantonese
    - Chinese
    - German
    - English
    - Hindi
    - Swedish
    - Italian
    - Spanish, and much more...




    • 2 Earphones
    • 1 Charge case
    • 1 USB cable
    • 1 User manual
    • 1 App
  • Bluetooth:
    ≥ Bluetooth 4.2

    2.5 in × 2.5 in× 1.4 in

    Package dimensions:
    4.0 in × 4.0 in × 2.0 in

    Battery type:
    Lithium polymer

    Battery life:
    30 hours using with charging case 

    3.7V / 0.148Wh

    Charging time:
    90 min

    Product weight:
    0.15 lbs

    Charging port:
    Type C

    Battery capacity: