Mototec/UberScoot 2x 50cc Gas Scooter

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Cutting through the clutter of cheap scooters, comes the superior range of UberScoot Powerboards, formerly Evo Powerboards from Puzey Design.

Through state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques, the new generation of Powerboards have taken a technological leap and are loaded with innovative features that make all other brands of scooters seem obsolete.


Front "Cam-Link" Suspension - Unlike the competition, this is a true suspension system that offers a smooth ride, while offering excellent resistance when landing after jumps. 2-Speed Gear Box - The first two speed scooter in the world! This gives you power at lower speeds and higher top speeds. Patented design by Puzey Designs. Quick Release Seat - You won't find an easier way to install or remove your seat. Patented design by Puzey Designs. Billet Deck - CNC Cut Billet Aluminum Deck. Reinforced Frame - Superior design, quality welding and quality steel. Posi Lock Folding - Improved folding system, with superior feel and functionality. One-Touch Chain Tensioning - Tighten the final drive chain in one simple and easy action without having to align the rear wheel. CUSTOM Alloy Rims - Forged aluminum. Disc Brakes - Front and Rear with Aluminum Brake Levers. Adjustable Handlebars - Height and Position adjustable MX Handlebars. Tires - 11 inch Oversized Knobby Dirt Tires - Tubeless.


Drive System: 2 Speed

Top speed: 30 mph (depending on the weight)

Gear Box (Thumb shifter)

Seat Included: Yes (removable)

Engine: 49cc 2HP 2-Stroke (EPA Approved)

Brakes: Front & Rear Disc

Tires/Front: 11 inch Pneumatic Knobby Tire

Tires/Rear: 11 inch Pneumatic Knobby

Tire Max load: 265 lbs

Max Range: 20 miles per tank

Carton Size: 47x17x20 inches 71lbs

Product Size: Standing 49x24x44

Folded: 49x24x20 

Net Weight: 53 lbs

Gross Weight: 58 lbs

Warranty: 60 Day

Parts Replacement