uHoo Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensor

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uHoo Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensor

uHoo Smart Indoor Quality Sensor is the most advanced air monitor to date. You will be able to monitor the air quality in your house and KNOW what is in your air. It provides an advanced analysis of indoor temperature, humidity, dust, toxins; nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, air pressure, and more.

Your asthma, allergies, and sleep quality all suffer when indoor air is unclean. Don’t let impurities impacts your overall health, happiness, and productivity. uHoo tests the air, and the uHoo mobile app streamlines your data for personalized tips to achieve the safest atmosphere possible.


Simple and Easy

uHoo is very easy and simple to use with a fairly nice interface. Clean breathing in any indoor environment is finally possible. The uHoo system syncs with any IFTTT-compatible device. It works with Nest, Roomba, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and more for anything from scheduled cleanings to 24/7 climate control. You can even record your data on Google Spreadsheet using IFTTT. With uHoo, advanced technology is simpler than ever. Just plug in your uHoo, connect to WiFi, and receive round-the-clock feedback through 9 precisely calibrated sensors. All you need is a stable network and a smartphone or tablet with iOS 9 or newer or Android 4.3 or newer

uHoo Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensor