Veho Pebble P-1 Portable Power Bank

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Veho Pebble P-1 Portable Power Bank


The fast 2.1A charging output has been designed to charge tablets, smartphones, Sat Nav’s, GPS’s trackers and other portable USB devices fast and efficiently. The Pebble P-1 allows you to use your own charging cable to charge up your devices’ and is capable of charging the popular smartphones such as the iPhone 7 up to 5 times and the Samsung Galaxy S8 up to 3 times.

With a USB-C input charging port, the Pebble P-1 is compatible and future proof for new USB-C devices and cables, so you won’t have to update your power bank when you update your smartphone, tablet or portable device. The Pebble P-1 incorporates Pebble stylish ergonomic design, which has been popular with power bank users.

The power bank features a smooth matte black, Tacton rubber touch finish and a digital LED display indicator giving the exact percentage available. Designed in the UK, the Pebble P-1 is packed with superior quality lithium-ion battery cells, ensuring that you get the true mAh rating and conform to all safety marks and regulations such as CE, RoHS and EMC. The Pebble P-1 comes with micro-USB to USB-A charging cable, a protective carry pouch and multi-lingual user manual.



Input (Micro USB)5V 1.8A

Input (USB-C™)5V 1.8A

Output (USB-A x 2)5V 2.1A (Shared)

Dimensions115mm x 78mm x 25.5mm

Weight: 260g


Veho P-1 Power Bank

Micro USB to USB-A Charging Cable

Protective Neoprene Pouch

Multi Lingual User Manual (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese & Japanese)