Veho Smartfix Portable Negative Film & Slide Scanner

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Veho Smartfix Portable Negative Film & Slide Scanner


Transferring your negative film and slides and negatives direct to SD card makes it ideal for editing, archiving or for sharing old photographs with your family and friends. The Veho Smartfix is a complete stand-alone scanner with 2.4” preview/review LCD screen with a removable lithium-ion rechargeable battery and comes with a USB charging cable, making this scanner completely portable.

The fast one touch scanning makes it easy to bring those old pictures back to life. The instant preview and built-in auto-exposure/colour balance ensures that the pictures come out their absolute best. The Smartfix scanner is PC and Mac compatible and supports up to 32GB SDHC / SD card not included.


Image Sensor: 1/2.33” 14 Mega CMOS

Preview/Review: 2.4” Colour LCD Display / TV Output

Lens Specf: 4.8 / f12.95mm

Colour Balance: Automatic

Exposure Control: Automatic / Manual adjustment

Support Film Size: 135 Negative & Slide 3:2

Auto Cropping: 110 Negative 4:3 126 Negative 1:1

Support Film Type135 Slide

Auto Converting: Colour Negative Film (135/110/126) Black & White Negative Film

Focusing: Fixed Focus

EV adjustment: Yes, + - 2.0 EV

PC Interfac: eUSB 2.0

Scan Resolution: 14MP equal to 3200dpi (4416 pixels/1.417 = 3116 dpi)

Image Format: 135 Negative 3:2 110 Negative 4:3 126 Negative 1:1

Light Source: 3 white LED

Power: USB port / 1050mAh Battery

TV System: NTSC and PAL

Dimensions: 144mm x 116mm x 119mm


Veho Smartfix Scanner

135 Slider Tray

135 Negative Tray

110 Negative Tray

126 Negative Tray

Cleaning Brush

USB-A to Mini-B USB Cable

3.5mm Jack to yellow RCA Cable

Lithium-ion Battery

Quick Start Guide