Replacement Battery for Yamaha 500Li Sea Scooter

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  • Replacement Battery For Yamaha 500Li Sea Scooter

    Extend your dive time with the battery for the Yamaha 500Li underwater sea scooter. This lithium Ion battery pod provides you with an additional underwater run time of up to 90 minutes. The battery is also compatible with the 350Li and 220Li Sea Scooters.

    - Compatible with: Yamaha 500Li, 350Li and 220Li Sea Scooter

    - Delivers up to 90 Minutes of run time on a single charge

    - High performance replaceable Lithium Ion battery 

    Replacement Battery for Yamaha 500Li Underwater Sea Scooter

    To install the battery simply remove the outer nose cone of your Yamaha sea scooter and release the vent plug on top of the inner nose cone. Then pull the rubber rings through the inner slots of the nose cone and attach both ends around your sea scooter's handles. Use the pump to add air to the nose comb until it pops up exposing the sea scooter's battery. Pull out the old Yamaha sea scooter battery and plug in the new one.

    • 1x Replacement Battery for Yamaha 500Li Sea Scooter

  • Battery Capacity:
    12000 mAh / 22V

    Battery Type:

    Battery Life:
    up to 90 minutes