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January 05, 2016 2 min read

Technological advancements are proceeding at an alarming rate, and these days, there are countless conveniences available to use at the click of a button. Ordering food is as easy as grabbing your phone and contacting your restaurant of choice, shopping is done through computers and digital payments, and transport services can even arrive at your doorstep with nothing more than a tap of a screen.

Yes, technology has made our lives incredibly convenient, and it’s interesting to think about what developers, scientists, and researchers might come up with next. Currently, there are four big up and comers that people are waiting for and all it will take is the one perfect eurekamoment for these wonders to materialize.

  • Virtual reality – Virtual reality is starting to gain a bigger following among people because of the great potential it holds. This feature of the future allows people to travel to and from different realities without leaving the comfort of their homes. Imaging travelling to Italy, France, or a remote tropical island without even having to stand up from your living room sofa. Virtual reality developers have created numerous devices that make use of this technology in the field of gaming. The Oculus Rift, probably the most popular VR device in present times, allows users to experience their games first hand by immersing them in the game, complete with surround sound and high-quality visuals. Nowadays, however, developers are looking into creating virtual reality training courses for medical professionals to enhance the learning process and hopefully come up with better healthcare services.
  • 3D Printing – 3D printers aren’t that uncommon these days, however the technology is still rather new. 3D printers have been used to create everything from cars, to furniture, and shows a lot of promise in the fields of design and innovation. People have even imagined 3D printers to be able to create food from nothing but protein molecules and vitamins, so users can enjoy literally making food from the comfort of their homes.

  • Artificial Intelligence – Think Siri, but way smarter. Artificial intelligence is becoming the focus of major research because of its potential to become a replacement for several jobs and occupations that could be better performed by artificial intelligence bots. Imagine a world where call center agents and receptionists are all AI – there would be zero room for error and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Robotic prosthetics – Gone are the days when amputees are seen as people with disability. Robotic prosthesis promise a bright future for individuals who are currently seen as handicapped. This future invention could allow people who have suffered from injury or disease and lost a limb or two to have a second lease on life with added benefits. Robotic prosthesis could not only improve the lives of disabled individuals, but also enhance the performance of athletes and military servants for improved physical capacity. Now, all we need to figure out is how to get these things to conform with each individual person’s unique body, build, and abilities to come up with an army of super humans.

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