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January 12, 2016 2 min read

Technology has become so advanced that even cameras have been mounted on to flying robots. Don’t believe us? Drones are becoming more and more popular on the market because of their unparalleled capacity to take photos of objects and scenery that you wouldn’t normally be able to reach with just your standard selfie-stick. Photographers and point-and-shooters have taken advantage of this brand new technology to capture stunning images of amazing views.

Drones, or quadcopters, are a great way to explore and learn new scenes and sights without having to do all that effortful climbing, rappelling, or wall scaling. All you need is a nice, wide, open space, your drone, and your trusty remote control, and you’re good to go!

If you’re having trouble figuring out just where to take your drone to capture some cool photos, then read on to get some killer ideas on your next photo-op.

Bird’s-eye-view Of Clear Ocean Water– What better way to enjoy your drone than to bring it out to sea? Of course, it’s always a better experience when you’re out in the water yourself, so maybe you should take a friend along with you just to make it that much easier. Try to go out into a clear area of water and wade around until you attract some friendly fish. Maybe you can catch the attention of a humpback, some dolphins, or whatever other oversized sea creature you can think of. Then, just as they’re swimming around you, you can take that drone to the sky and take the perfect picture of yourself with a few happy humpbacks. Talk about surreal.

Volcanoes– Have you ever actually looked into the hole of a volcanic crater? Exactly. These mysterious marvels are rarely ever photographed, and now that you have a drone, you can actually give it a shot. Take note however, that even though a volcano isn’t exactly erupting yet, it can still spew some pretty hot smoke up and out onto your drone. So be sure you wrap your drone in an anti-damage suit to keep it protected from high levels of heat.

City Structures – Yes, okay, so these are pretty common but that doesn’t mean they can’t still look cool. Take your drone out on a night on the town and wait for all those tall city structure to finally light up. Then you can fly overhead to take some snazzy snapshots of what it all looks like from way, way up.

Lone Islands – Islands are almost often shot from an angle, so it’s really common to see those island photos where you can appreciate the ups and downs of hills and valleys. While that’s all well and good, it’s also interesting to see lone islands from up top. Make sure you catch a view of those amazing water waves as well just to add to the effect.

Waves Against The Shore – Catch some killer ocean waves slamming against a calm shore, or a jagged rock surface without having to immerse yourself in the danger. This creates for a cool contrast between some harsh water waves and a calm, relaxed shore.

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