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March 22, 2015 2 min read


Although drones are often used for military or police purposes, there are a number of very helpful uses outside the spectrum of armed services. These uses can range from recreational and fun to informational and very helpful. Here are seven examples of drone uses:

Hollywoodis beginning to use drones more often. Movies have been known to use drones to get the perfect shot on set. Along with this, a recent Maserati commercial was filmed by drones. This is a very good way to get aerial footage for an amazing shot of your subject.

Drones have also been used more and more in the field of environmental sciences. They have become a huge help when performing tasks such as hurricane tracking, multispectral imaging, tracking oceanic debris, atmospheric research, and many more. Drones are allowing researchers to get information and photos that they have never been able to capture before.

The world of sportshas also accepted drones. It will not be long before drones are implemented more into various sporting events. So far, action sports like wakeboarding, surfing, and rock climbing have explored the possibilities of filming with a drone. The results are breathtaking.

Another good use for drones is being found in the world of news. Different big name news companies are beginning to use drones to capture and report news. These companies include the New York Times and the Washington Post. Even new journalism sites have emerged such as The Drone Journalism Lab and DroneJournalism.org.

Drones are also making the lives of farmers much easier. Using the aerial view, farmers can see if their irrigation systems are working properly, how their crops are growing, and if their crops are sick with the use of infrared technology. The ability to obtain this information is crucial and can potentially save them a lot of money by allowing them to make better decisions.

Drones have become a very useful tool for firefighters, specifically wildfire firefighters. Not only can the drones spot and track the fires, but they also are being used to fight the fires and ultimately help to keep people out of harm’s way.


Finally, drones have made it much easier for peopleto capture breathtaking photos and videos. The aerial flight of a drone results in an awesome and new angle for the professional or recreational photographer. Whether you are following a group of dolphins swimming through the ocean or just taking an aerial selfie, the drone has provided an awesome way to take photos.

These are just some of the amazing uses that a drone has to offer. The possibilities are endless!

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