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March 26, 2015 2 min read


Activity tracking has been a must have in this new health-conscious and adventure-seeking generation. There have been an increasing number of companies creating and recreating trackers that can be worn on wristbands, inserts for shoes, and more! The technology is growing strong, allowing companies that produce these products to stay competitive by adding unique aspects to each device.

The biggest factors that can influence consumers to make a purchase are the cost and the effectiveness. When it comes to activity tracking devices, the creators of both the Jawbone UP24 and the Runtastic Orbit Activity Tracker wanted to make a product as effective as possible with the smallest cost margin.

The products have similar ideas and functions, however the two have distinct qualities that can appeal to individuals looking for different types of features. First off is the  Runtastic Orbit Activity Tracker.This product runs for $99.99 and can be purchased at wellbots.com. This tracker comes with a smartphone app that helps you to increase your daily steps, the quality of your sleep, and movements.

With this device, you can keep track of steps and distances, sleep, calories burned, and goals reached. You can also track your mood with the tap of a button to note the moments in your day when you feel awesome! This is 100% waterproof and has two different wearable options- you can choose to wear a wristband or a multifunctional clip. The battery lasts up to 5-7 days and measures everything from the amount of calories burned each day to your sleep cycles.

Another popular activity tracking device is the Jawbone UP24. This device has similar features to the Orbit as it can track sleep, activity, and food intake. It also has alarms and wireless syncing ability to a smartphone. This device sells for around $130 and you can find it at a multitude of retailers.

This activity tracker is not waterproof like the Orbit, and the battery life lasts only up to 4 days. This device also does not have a display on it; therefore you can’t see the time, or any other information by looking at the wristband. The Orbit has two different ways to wear the tracker, while this one only has the wristband. The Jawbone UP24 is a convenient way to track your fitness and activity, with only a few downsides in comparison to the Orbit.

The Orbit is less expensive, offers more features, and is waterproof. The Jawbone UP24 is not waterproof and is more expensive, but it offers more personalization options. Different features appeal to different people and it all depends on what each individual is looking for. Make sure to do your research before buying any type of activity tracking device so that you get the most out of your money!

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