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March 01, 2015 2 min read

Polaroid cameras are generally considered a thing of the past. But could they be making a comeback?

Whether you are nostalgic about Polaroid cameras or just an avid photographer, the  Polaroid PIC300 Analog Instant Print Camera could be the device for you. This camera is available in blue, red, black, and purple, and it prints out pictures just like older Polaroid cameras. However, the Polaroid Instant Camera prints a picture that is already developed. It is like a mini, hand-held photo printer, yet it doesn’t require ink or a USB cable. The camera takes advantage of ZINK technology that eliminates the use of ink, thereby making your pictures water-resistant and smudge-resistant. It requires AA batteries, and it has a counter that keeps track of how many more pictures you can take before changing the film. The size of the pictures themselves are 2.1’’ x 3.4’’.

The Polaroid Socialmatic Digital Instant Print & Share Camera is another unique device. Like the PIC300 Analog Instant Print Camera, it prints out a photo as soon as you snap a picture. It uses the same ZINK technology to prevent the 2’’ x 3’’ photo from smudging and water damage. The Socialmatic Camera only comes in white and black, but it has many other features that differentiate it from the PIC300 Camera.

Some of these features include GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth capabilities as well as an Android operating system that allows it to function like a mini tablet. The screen on the rear of the camera is a 4.5’’ LCD Touchscreen, which you can use to access apps, play games, read emails, share photos on social media, or just surf the Web. The device can instantly share your photos on the Socialmatic PhotoNetwork, which is a photo sharing outlet created by Polaroid. There is one camera on each side of the device, and it operates on a rechargeable battery. The 4GB of memory space allow the user to store the pictures in addition to printing them out.

All in all, the Polaroid Socialmatic Digital Instant Print & Share Camera is very much like a connected device. You might call it a “connected camera” or a “new age camera.” Regardless of how you would describe it, the Socialmatic Camera is a unique device to have because it functions like both an older Polaroid camera and an Android tablet. 

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