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February 19, 2015 2 min read

Imagine controlling most appliances in your home with the touch of a button. With the way the tech market keeps growing, that vision will soon become a reality. In fact, a recent article from Business Insider declared, “homes around the world are going to become smarter and more connected over the next five years.”

A smart home is essentially one whose appliances and features can be controlled with a wireless device such as a smartphone or tablet. Light switches, dishwashers, thermostats, fans, security cameras, windows, locks, and garage doors can be operated using a phone. The user can either set a schedule for the devices or manually turn them on and off when he/she wants. One of the devices that serves as an indication of this trend is the  Insteon Automated Home Starter Kit.

The Insteon Kit works with any smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. The Home Automation Starter Kit contains an Insteon Hub, which is the main component that connects to your mobile phone or tablet and two dimmers modules.

For a more complete automated home, discover the  Insteon Starter Kit 2 which includes a lot more instruments than the Insteon Starter Kit:

1. Insteon Hub

2. Two dimmer modules

3. A leak sensor that detects potential flooding

4. A motion detector for home security

5. One IP camera for home security

6. A door open/close sensor

7. One connected thermostat

The system can send alerts to your phone whenever the sensors detect something abnormal. It is also very secure, as the communication between your mobile device and the Insteon device are encrypted. There is no monthly fee either, and the installation process is easy. The user simply connects the Insteon Hub to the Internet with an Ethernet cable that is provided in the package.

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