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February 23, 2018 2 min read

Undoubtedly smart wearable technology is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry. Masses are accepting these smart gadgets and incorporating them into their daily lives. Real-time monitoring along with a quality user-interface help the users improve their well-being much more effectively. The popularity of these devices can be manifested by their abundant supply in this year’s CES.

CES 2018’s wonderful health devices

L’Oreal presented their wearable UV sensor with dimensions of 2x9 mm only. This mini UV sensor can be worn on the fingernail or even sunglasses to measure UV exposure. Warnings are then given out via an app that comes with the sensor. Samsung announced their latest smart refrigerator which recommends recipes according to your family’s preferences or allergies. Along with that, it has cameras installed inside that visualize the ingredients present and recommend recipes accordingly.


Omron’s HeartGuide is another medical product that was introduced in CES this year. It is a medically graded blood pressure sensor. Some of the other products that were introduced this year include Mouthguard by Prevent Biometrics to detect concussions. A smart suit by Swim.com for amateur and professional swimmers alike to track record of their swim workouts. It can potentially help them have a critical analysis of their technique and improve form accordingly. Another popular product was SkinScanner by Neutrogena which syncs with the iPhone and would monitor your skin’s health.


From cosmeticsto the health industry, each sector is being targeted by these smart wearable gadgets. They are designed to make the lives of the consumer comfortable and provide statistical insight for improvement. Although, some critics believe it’s just too much influx of unnecessary information which doesn’t bear fruit. Whichever side you support, one thing is for sure that we can’t neglect their existence and importance in today’s world.

Nokia Body Cardio

If you are a person that gets intimidated with too many gadgets, don’t worry as Nokia has catered to your problem. The Nokia Body Cardio is a comprehensive product that provides a full picture of your health. Accurate BMI along with body fat, weight and even bone and muscle mass can be measured to utmost accuracy. It’ll help you target specific areas of your body for weight loss and also monitor your hydration levels. We had the opportunity to test it at the CES 2018 with the Wellbots Team, and it proved to be an excellent device: the full body composition is an excellent feature and the scale is very elegant.


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