March 02, 2018 2 min read

In the modern age of technology, with the word “smart” now being added to everything out there (smartphones, smart-TVs as well as smart homes and many more), there are brand new ways people interact with things as well as other people. Accessibility and ease of access have always been something that is evolving, but today it’s taking another dimension.

The Stunning Professor Einstein Talking Robot

Imagine having a small robot that responds to each of your commands in Einstein’s voice. Professor Einstein Wifi Talking Robot is a smart-bot who plays brain games and teaches science. The robot answers three basic questions, what? Where? And why? For students looking to learn at their own pace, this bot is the best home tutor to have with gestures resembling the real Einstein.                                                                                           

Conversational assistants are your problem solvers that take orders in the form of your voice. Imagine telling your washing machine to start up and start washing clothes. Or telling your stove to fire up every time you want to use it. All of these are possible through conversational assistants. We are all familiar with Siri. Siri takes up everything and offers functionality through our voices. Similarly, Samsung has introduced Bixby. So, there you have it, assistants, that will eventually control our major aspects of lives through our voices.

Voice: the communication medium going forward

They enable users to devise queries with their voice, in natural language and in more of a hands-free mode, which is why experts predict that conversational interfaces will be the communication medium going forward. Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based device that performs this very function. With Alexa, users can build a natural voice experience that offers them many different ways to interact with their technology.


Now, as we started off, we mentioned that technology these days is working to provide ease of access to users. To be able to perform the major functions of the day with minimal effort of things. To start up your house with just your voice. Well now, that is possible with the latest technologies. Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomeKit are some of the major technological advancements that aim to offer just that.


Towards Artificial Intelligence

Normally, in the older days, and by that we mean a couple of years back, there were the concepts of using bots to our advantage. People used to program bots that would automatically react or reply in a way the user would whenever a specific keyword was detected. Those were programmable to a specific output. However, as we move towards the newer centuries, we have moved towards Artificial Intelligence. To simply say, we now have systems that can learn themselves on what output to do by just a simple input of our voice.

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