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June 01, 2018 2 min read


Time for an Upgrade

You come home to yet another mess. Is it the kids, the dog, or just the natural wear and tear of life? Whatever your mess is I imagine you're probably a little tired of the cleanup. It's time for an upgrade!

The tech revolution has brought us a new standard of clean living, ushered in by incredible innovations in electronic vacuum technology. Hardly the electronic vacuums of old, new models are smarter, sleeker and most important more powerful -- all designed to win the war against dirt, dust, and household debris.

Generation Defining Features: Roomba 960 vs Roomba 980

When looking at these modern e-vacuums, you may notice two things: the incredible array of features and the quite high price point. So let's take a look at what this new-age tech has to offer in return. Hopefully, you get yours in time to get your house in tip-top shape for that big summer barbecue.

The two e-vacuums we'll be looking at today are the iRobot Roomba 960 and the iRobot Roomba 980. The Roomba 980 is slightly more expensive than the Roomba 960 (about $150 more) - let's start by looking at what these two behemoths have to offer.


Both come standard with a whole host of Roomba's state of the art technology. From an autoadjusting cleaning headthat can adapt to all types of carpeting and flooring. Along with that, both can link to the iRobot Home app, allowing you to keep tabs on your new butler -- even on the go. Both come stocked with tangle free rollers and high-efficiency filters, perfect for any challenge you can throw at them.

Now when examining the Roomba 960 and 980, there are a few fundamental differences that we should note. First, while both powerful pack batteries and self-charging features, the 980 has a slightly larger battery. The 960 packs an impressive 75 minutes of run time before it will return to its charging base, this is somehow topped by the 980's astronomical 120 minutes of functionality between charges. But what does this really mean? Simple, the larger battery means your Roomba will spend more time cleaning and less time resting in its charging station!

As mentioned above both of these Roomba's are some of the most potent e-vacuums on the market, but power is rarely created equal. The 980 brings to the home Roombas Patented 3 Stage Cleaning System (the system for loosening, lifting, and suctioning dirt) and a generator that offers 10x the cleaning power when compared to even Roomba's legendary 600 & 700 series vacuums. The 960 while also possessing the 3 Stage Cleaning System is not quite as powerful, offering 5x the cleaning power compared to the 600 & 700 Series.


The Rundown

So in summary, that extra money is going towards a more work-horse e-vacuum that will do more work with a higher rate of dirt suction. Both are excellent additions to any homes arsenal of cleaning supplies, and we're sure whichever Roomba you choose to go with, you won't be disappointed.

Where to Buy the iRobot Roomba 960? here, it ships in 2 days.

Where to Buy the iRobot Roomba 980? here, it also ships in 2 days!

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