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March 12, 2015 2 min read

Home automation systems are up and coming in this new generation, and the growth has been exponential in the last five years. These new technological advances have made somewhat time consuming tasks become something as simple as the click of a button. There are many different companies that are catching onto this idea and are bettering the simple devices we all know today. Here are five of the most recent products that are the most popular and high-rated today:

1. INSTEON Automated Home Starter Kit 2. This home kit, which costs $379.99, is great for first-time users. It is beginner-friendly and easy to set up. This kit makes home control possible and has no added fees! It is a straightforward system that connects you to your home from any smartphone or tablet. You can control lights, electronic devices such as TVs, and set the temperature from miles away. Controlling everything in your home has never been so easy!

2.  Oplink AlarmShield Connected Alarm. This is a complete self-monitoring connected system to secure your home or business. It is a package of door/window sensors and video cameras combined with mobile alerts- anytime, anywhere for only $130. This device gives you peace of mind and it is extremely user-friendly!

3.  Allure Energy EverSense Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostat. A Wi-Fi connected touchscreen thermostat that features Proximity Control Technology can help make your home automation simpler, easier, and greener! The EverSense "learns" your daily schedule by using EverSense technology and adapts itself to be more energy-efficient and cost-efficient based on how far you are from your home! By using your iOS or Android devices to connect with the EverSense thermostat, it can detect your proximity to your home and create your desired environment by the time you arrive at your door. The Allure Energy EverSense thermostat will be yours for $289 and will help you earn extra savings in energy and give you a home that you'll always be comfortable coming back to.

4. Control4.Control4’s total system integration makes it extremely easy to use, and its professional installation only enhances this. You can simply tell the installer what you want and they take care of the rest! Everything will be tied into a centralized control pad as well as a convenient web app. There is nothing complicated about Control4’s smart home system.

5. Vera Home Control.A major benefit of this system is its device and software compatibility. This system's MiOS software can connect with any web browser. It also can connect to Android or iOS smartphone apps, which have the ability to help you manage your home's energy efficiency from just about anywhere. Vera's home control system can be programmed to react to the sound of a doorbell, smoke detectors and more!

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