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Great Apps to Cook at Home

March 10, 2016 2 min read


Do you know the secret of your grandmother’s pickle or your mother’s thanksgiving turkey? Yes, there could be a special ingredient, a mantra that you have not been told or just the nostalgia of the entire experience that makes you so fond of those amazing home cooked meals. In reality, the secret of great cooking is experience. No one, including grannies and mummies, can become a great cook overnight. You need to perfect the art of cooking, from choosing the right ingredients to knowing the exact quantities and you need to be skilled at blending, marinating and garnishing. You must be an expert at timing. Use a bit more salt or a bit more sauce and your dish can get spoiled. Cook for two additional minutes and the dish will taste different. Only years of trials and errors, practicing and perfecting can make one a great cook.

Given the scarcity of time and the lack of practice, you may be at your wit’s end in the kitchen. You perhaps don’t have the grand recipes of yesteryears. You perhaps don’t have enough knowledge. Fortunately, you can get everything you need to prepare food at home, in apps. Here are some great apps to prepare food at home.

  • BigOven is one of the many free recipe apps that you can download. The app is your gateway to more than 350,000 recipes. You can get a single recipe, an entire meal plan, you could get a grocery list and you can also check specific kinds of food as per the dietary requisites. You can plan the meals ahead to have a schedule including reminders so you can cook exactly what you had planned on a certain day for a particular meal. The app also has some great ways to use leftover foods.
  • Epicurious is another free cooking app. It searches the net and gets you some amazing recipes from popular and not so well known sources. You can look for recipes specific to a certain occasion, for kids or with a particular ingredient as the highlight. The recipes obviously have lists of ingredients and also photos. You would also get stepwise directions so you are never alone or without guidance while cooking. There is a smart time in the app which will allow you to cook a dish to perfection.
  • Food Network is available as an app so all your favorite chefs’ most celebrated recipes are at your fingertips. You also get a unit converter in the app that can help you with measurements and scaling up or down a dish is a cakewalk. The app also has user reviews so you don’t have to try another experimental dish without knowing if it is a hit already.
  • Pepperplate is an app for home cooks who have a bit of experience. Every cook will make unique changes to a recipe and the food will taste different. You can account for these changes in your own recipes and keep them safe yet available at all times using this app.
  • Garden Plate is essentially a vegan cooking app. You may want a gluten free meal or a completely vegan dish. This is your richest source of information in the world of apps.

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