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Top 5 Funniest Things You Could Do With a Drone

March 08, 2016 2 min read

There is truly no limit to what you can do with a drone. Just try not going too far!

Here are the top five funniest things you could do with a drone.

  • The best pranks you can imagine:your worst jokes in three dimensions... Isn't it The Dream?! This guy was probably dumped by his girlfriend the next day, but it. was. worth. it. 


  • You would obviously want to get a selfie with your drone. We know it's not the funniest thing on earth. But with a drone you can finally take a picture with all your friends, without someone left to hold the camera, and WITHOUT looking like the Kardashian family. The key is distance ;)


  • You could participate in a drone race. It wouldn’t be funny in the strict literal sense but you would be amazed at the various mishaps that are bound to happen. Make sure you don’t fly too close to someone’s drone that is going berserk. Drones crashing into one another is not a rare sight at races.

Click here to watch a cool video.


  • You know there are air shows around the country. You can take your drone and participate at such a show. You would not only get to show your skills but you would also get to see some really amazing drones. You may even manage to find a role model in drone flying.


  • Filming live events is one of the most interesting projects you can take up. Flying a drone and covering a concert, carnival or just about any event, which could be a social gathering, will be an amazingly fun experience

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