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August 06, 2015 2 min read

Imagine if you had the opportunity to make all of the devices in your life connect to the internet. We’re not just talking about your personal gadgets but also your pool, your doors, your lights, and even your appliances. Home automation is the new trend in technology not only because it makes everything more convenient, but it also makes everything in your house much cooler.

Step 1: Knowing the Technology

Before you start going out and buying a bunch of home automation technology it is important that you know what it is that you’re buying. Some technology may be wired, some may be wireless, and others are both. It is advised that you stick to one type for everything and it’ll make automating your home much easier.

Most tech gurus say that sticking to WiFi technology is your best bet as it’s the fastest and the most reliable. The reach that WiFi has is untouchable by other technologies and it gives you the ability to automate more, ranging from your gaming consoles to the lights in your home.

Step 2: Finding the Right Products

There are hundreds of home automation products available and choosing the right ones will give you the most benefits. Below are some of the most important products that you should look into getting.

  • Home Comfort:Items like smart thermostats can be used to automatically adjust the temperature in your home so that you’re comfortable.

The Wellbots RecommendationAllure Energy EverSense Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostat

  • Home Safety: Aside from security systems, you should also look into the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that are also automated. The units that you install in the house will network together and communicate in the event of an emergency so you will immediately know if something is wrong.

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  • Backyard Elements: There are different products to help you turn on your pool heater when you’re away from the house, make sure that your hot tub is set at the right temperature, and even turn on your landscape lighting. It’s the perfect way to prepare for a party entirely through your mobile device.

The Wellbots RecommendationWeather Station and Home Environment Monitor by Netatmo


Step 3: Consider All-Inclusive Packages

There is another option open to home owners where they can buy an entire all-inclusive package that automates every smart technology in their home at once. This can be simpler for those who aren’t incredibly tech savvy. Some of this technology can automate your lights, thermostat, wireless speakers, appliances, and more through the use of one system.

The Wellbots RecommendationINSTEON Connected Home Automation Starter Kit

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