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August 14, 2015 2 min read

There are dozens of sci-fi movie franchises revolve around the idea of humanoid robots ranging from Blade Runner to iRobot. In today’s society we may not have the technology available to make them as in-depth as the ones in the movies, but we do have humanoid robots that can clean our floors, entertain us, and do interesting tricks. Below is a list of the most innovative humanoid robots that have been developed up to 2015.


ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobiliy) is a robot that stands 3’ tall and is essentially a combination of an iPod and a space suit. It has a variety of sensors, over 6 hours of charge, and 57 degrees of freedom, not including its hands. This humanoid robot can walk up and down the stairs, manipulate objects, and even pick them up. In fact, it was the first robot to demonstrate that it could “run” at approximately 3.7 miles an hour. It also responds to voice commands, identifies hand gestures, synthesizes speech, and can move based on noises.


Also known as Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin,  PETMAN was originally developed to test hazmat suits for military personnel. It demonstrates how a real soldier would need to wear protective clothing in realistic situations. This humanoid robot will move freely, walk, bend, and perform different calisthenics. It may not have as many in-depth features as ASIMO but it has great balance and runs a little bit faster.

3. NAO

NAO by Aldebaran

NAO was developed under the same philosophy as ASIMO but it is significantly smaller and available to the general public at $8000.00. It’s quite maneuverable and has dextrous hands. The NAO can teach social skills and are a useful teaching tool for educating others on robots and robot technology. You can also program them to dance to music.

4. Martin Kelly’s Head


This model is extremely human-like as it emulates the face of Martin Kelly and can perform human-like expressions. Unlike other robotic humanoids, this piece of machinery isn’t as technologically advanced as its developers focused more on the artistic aspects of the design rather than the technological ones.



ATLAS is essentially the next generation of PETMAN that was designed for search and rescue efforts. It has laser rangefinders, stereo cameras, and articulate hands. It doesn’t appear as human as PETMAN simply because of the sheer amount of hardware needed to make the humanoid robot operate, but it is still an impressive piece of technology.

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