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October 26, 2015 2 min read


Smartwatches are one of the newest pieces of technology to hit the market, and just about every technological company is making them. From the Moto 360 to the iWatch, these amazing watches are catching everyone’s eye and stirring up conversation just about anywhere. But how can your smartwatch help you to seduce someone?

Step 1

Can’t find a date? Then maybe you should slap on that Smartwatch of yours and waltz into a bar like you own the place. While confidence is a huge part of attracting attention from everyone around you, it can also help to draw attention to the expensive piece of tech around your wrist. Set your watch to the sexiest watch face you can find, then ensure that it is visible to everyone in the bar. At some point someone will see it light up in the dimly lit bar or club and come talk to you. Once you have begun attracting attention from the other patrons, you have then completed step 1 of your seduction check list.


Step 2

Someone walks up to you at the bar and begins to strike a conversation with you about your flashy smartwatch, and you begin to show it off. While the conversation will start out concentrating on your smartwatch, you can easily edge it towards other topics. Maybe you can find a Conversation Starter app for your phone that can connect to your watch to help you if you become stuck and lose out on things to talk about. Goodness knows nobody wants to talk about their day, but maybe asking about interests can keep the conversation flowing and you can get a phone number.

Step 3

If you can get a phone number from the person you are speaking to, have them call your phone to show off the flashy caller id feature on the watch to see the person’s number. You can then answer the call and make like James Bond, maybe talk to them through the watch. While you may not be a super spy like Bond, you could most certainly look like you have all the gizmos and gadgets that Bond sports. You can even consider setting a date with the person to see them again before planting a passionate kiss and whisking away like the mysterious super spy you really are. You know you have game when your smartwatch sets the date.


If All Else Fails, Try Someone Else

While your tech is super flashy, you must remain cool to ensure your seduction techniques work. Touch the other person’s arm or hand to flash your Smartwatch bling, continuously check the time like you are eager to go somewhere, and ensure you glance up from your watch to meet their eyes every now and then. You can even ask the person if they want to go someplace with you in the light of your smartwatch’s glow. If you fail, try someone else to see if you can master your smartwatch seduction techniques. 

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