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July 07, 2014 2 min read

It seems like now everyone is trying to get into keeping everything connected. Just yesterday  Wink and Home Depot announced a line of Wink-enabled products such as light bulbs, air conditioners, and window shades that are available for purchase in U.S. Home Depot stores, along with the Wink HUB. Other companies like SmartThings and Revolv also aim to be the connector for connected devices, while IFTTT allows users to create if-this-then-that "recipes" that can trigger actions things like "Unmute my phone when I get home" or "Silence my phone when it's bedtime".

We know what you're thinking: "Wait - these are all awesome things for myself and my home, but what about my pets?!" We had that thought as well, as well as many other people who have designed solutions to staying connected with your pets! Here are a couple of awesome devices that help you monitor and keep track of your pets without you having to be by their side!

Whistle Activity Monitor

For those of you who own a Fitbit or Jawbone to help monitor your own fitness, you can now do the same for your dog's health with the Whistle Activity Monitor! Simply attach it to your dog's collar and it'll start tracking its walks, playtime, and rest times throughout the day and deliver it right to your phone via the accompanying app! From there, you can track your dog's fitness and create daily activity goals specifically for your dog! The app also allows you to share photos of your pets with your family and friends, as well as compare your dog's activity with other dogs of the same breed, size, and age.


If you experience separation anxiety with your pets as soon as you leave your home, Petcube is exactly what you need. The Petcube is an interactive wireless pet camera system that allows you to stay connected with your cats and dogs when you aren't home! Through this device, you will be able to watch your pet, play or communicate with your pet, record HD videos or share photos of your pet with others on the Petcube network, and watch or play with other pets! The device itself is made of aluminum to withstand abuse from your pets and is only 4 inches long on all sides, making it possible to fit nearly anywhere. It is also being used right now in  San Francisco animal shelters to help adoptable animals find a suitable home.



CleverPet developed a solution for the dogs who are left alone when their human companions are away from home. By using "scientifically proven techniques to offer interactions that adapt to the needs of individual dogs automatically", CleverPet rewards your dogs with treats or food after successfully completing puzzles, while keeping them entertained throughout the day! And, of course, in an Internet-of-Things fashion, you are able to track your dog's progress via your smartphone or computer.

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