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September 25, 2015 3 min read




If you thought that iOS8 was the bomb with its swipe for Siri and other old news features, then you are in for a surprise. iOS9 is bringing in a whole new whirl of features that will have you screaming for more. Here are the top 5 features of iOS9 that will make your phone so much better and keep you hooked on the latest Apple products.


#1. Low Power Mode

Everyone hates it when their phone dies, but now you can keep that low power bar waiting that much longer. You can now set your iPhone to turn off features and applications that are killing your battery faster to extend its battery life. This setting will ensure that once your phone hits 10% life, you can push it that much further until you can get hooked to the charger. If you are on the go and your battery falls too low, say goodbye to Wi-Fi. If you aren’t near Wi-Fi, you won’t need it anyways, and it is only sucking the life from your phone.



#2. All CAPs Keyboard

You know you miss the old all CAPs keyboard that was on many of the older iPhones, and with iOS8 you lost that feature and got a new keyboard. But now with iOS9 you can get it back. Simply go to your settings and change the keyboard to the all capital keyboard to enjoy the retro keyboard you know and love. You can also turn off key popups under the settings menu as well providing you with more personalization options for your phone. Not only will you ensure you like what you have, but you can make it your own through the various settings.


#3. View All Photos

Are you a shutterbug? Then you will love this new feature of the iOS9! You can now see all of your selfies, photos, and screenshots all at once. This means you can more efficiently delete the selfies where you half blinked or noticed that your eyebrows needed to be fixed before you retake your selfie. You will also enjoy that these photos will be separated into two folders, the selfie folder and the screenshot folder. Easier to clean out and much easier to scour when you need to find something you took a photo or screenshot of.


#4. Headphone Detection

That is right! Now your iPhone or iPad can detect your headphones when plugged in. Another great feature of this is that you won’t be forced into using Apple Music anymore. You can now choose any music listening app for your phone and choose from the various apps when you plug in your headphones. While it will suggest the last app used, you still have options.


#5. Double Tap

There wasn’t a dedicated button for Apple Pay before, but there is now. This works on any Apple device you have, simply double tap the home button to access Apple Pay. No more fingerprint or passcode to access this system. Simply double tap, access your Passbook or Wallet and you are good to go, however your fingerprint will be necessary to finalize payments.


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