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September 29, 2015 2 min read


While the days of the Space Race of the 1960’s is long gone, a new list of dreams for space travel and other space age goals have been created. While NASA has lost much of its funding, many people are hunting down ways to create new technology and other space-age or science=fiction style inventions to get us further into space. We have already conquered the moon, but nobody wants to stop there, the next step is Mars and Venus, and goodness knows we won’t stop at simply touching down.





Landing on Mars

NASA has landed the rover on Mars, but what other challenges do we intend to overcome now? Well we want to walk on Mars, and this could be a very good possibility by 2030. NASA and various independent companies have been hard at work attempting to put together and create the tech needed to not only land on Mars, but actually walk on it. However Mars is much further away than the moon and will require a much faster vehicle for travel, which is a huge set back.


Need for a lot of Speed

The fastest spacecraft record is still held by the Apollo 10 crew at 24,790 miles per hour. That is 32 times the speed of sound, however we need to find a way to move as fast as light. This poses a variety of concerns at such high speeds such as the survivability of those aboard the speeding spacecraft. NASA and other parties are probably 30 years away from breaking this riddle, however it is anyone’s guess whether or not this is actually attainable by humans or if protective gear will have to be created to keep the flight crew from evaporating due to the speed.


Black Holes

Some believe that black holes are an absence of space and that it will swallow anything that comes near it only to evaporate it out of existence. NASA is already in the works attempting to ready the exploration of these awe inspiring space creations. It is believed that these holes are a one-way exit from our universe, but what is really in there? We are about 10 years away from finding out, although they are preparing various methods to actually getting a peek.


Everyone has been trying to talk to aliens for many years, but attempting to make contact is a continuous project for NASA and other private parties. There is no true guess as to when we will make contact, if ever, but it is clear that the search for extraterrestrials is never ending. In other words, we are reaching out, all they have to do is answer.



Colonization of another Planet

We are probably about 50 years from coming close to colonizing another planet like Venus and Mars. For example, we will need a lot of new technology to help set up the colony, then the time to build up and ready the planet for life. NASA is already working on growing plants in space, but there is no guarantee when anything will become successful.

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