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Top 5 Most Promising Health Tech

February 26, 2016 2 min read


Technology has always transformed the world we inhabit and how we lead our lives. While the benefits of technology in different facets cannot be pitted against one another, the most significant contribution of technology has been in healthcare. We already have wearable gadgets today that can enlighten us every moment. We already have life saving technology that would have been considered a miracle, magic or mystery not too long ago. We have diagnostic devices that are not invasive, easy to use and extremely accurate. From tracking the relapse of cancer to managing diabetes, there is more than one amazing device to choose from. Today, we also have some extremely promising health tech that can further change our world. Here is a list of the top five most promising health tech.

  • Transcendence, the Johnny Depp starrer sci-fi movie, can soon be real. Google has joined hands with The Brain Preservation Foundation to develop technology that can prolong the life of the human brain, upload it to computers or simply keep the brain alive. Methods like cryopreservation and chemo-preservation are already being tested.
  • NXT Health has developed a hospital room that completely redefines the hospital experience. Combining technology and comfort, the hospital room will enhance interoperability of the systems, facilitate quick adaptations depending on the needs of the patient and will also empower patients to have a greater sense of control.
  • Robotic or simulated surgery is changing the way young surgeons hone their skills. Just as an aspiring pilot would perfect his or her skills in simulated environments that are as real as they can be, surgeons would perform complicated, life-like surgeries in simulated environments.
  • Millions of people get treated at hospitals every day and many of them also get infected at those very hospitals. Healthcare centers are the hotbeds of infections. The more people touch and use the installations or various objects in such facilities, the more vulnerable one would be. Holographic images used for interactions can solve this problem.
  • Health apps may not be appear to be as path-breaking as stem cell or mitochondrial DNA transfer but finding doctors or scheduling appointments, tracking vitals and overall health or being proactive with treatments have become phenomenally simpler.

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