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Top 3 February Tech News

February 25, 2016 1 min read


February has been full of unexpected news. Enjoy the read of this 3 Tech News carefully chosen by the Wellbots Team for you:

  • Apple vs. FBI: Apple may be facing the legal fight of its life. Syed Farook was one of San Bernardino terrorists. The FBI has asked Apple to rewrite the phone's security protections to allow access to its data. For now, Apple does not want to cooperate with the authorities. A recent survey has shown that a large part of the population believes Apple should comply with the FBI. Learn more
  • iRobot sells off military unit:iRobot, famous for its robot vaccum line, has also an important "Defense and Security" division. But iRobot has decided to sell the military division in order to form a separate company. Arlington Capital Partners will buy the division for "up to $45 million". Learn more
  • Facebook plans to put adds in Messenger:Facebook will be able to send ads via message to people who previously initiated a chat thread with the company. Learn more

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