Top 5 Smart Products For Your Pets

April 01, 2016 2 min read


Why should pet owners have all the fun? When the world is becoming a smart place, the pets should also get a share of the spoils. There are a plethora of smart objects that you can buy for your pets. Some will make your life as a pet lover easy and some will make the life of your pet more satiating. There are some objects that will enhance the fun you have within your home, out on the lawns and beyond.

Let us begin with feeders as treating your pet is an exercise both you and your beloved canine or feline would enjoy.

  • You can use Bistro which is essentially a cat feeder but it has stringent controls to watch what your cat is eating. The device has facial recognition and it can also monitor the weight of your pet. From tracking the diet history of your cat to offering you a real time surveillance of your pet during meals, you would certainly become a better pet owner with Bistro.
  • CleverPet is an interactive smart device that is fun for your dog and also rewarding. Whenever the pads light up, your dog needs to touch them to get a treat. If he does it right, he gets a cookie. Else, better luck next time.
  • Enough about feeders, let us talk about grooming. The Neato D80 robot vacuum is ideal for pets. Brushing and cleaning their hair has never been simpler and more fun. It is one of the most effective ways to clean or dust and brush your pet’s coat.
  • You need to geo-localize your pet? You can opt for RFID tags or GPS enabled devices. The Motorola Scout 5000 is a great choice. The device has GPS integrated to help you with real time tracking and there is a video camera that live streams all the footage to your phone. You can also use the device connected with your phone to call out to your pet.
  • FitBark is an amazing way to track the activity of your dog. From normal walks to runs to exercise and the activities during playtime, FitBark can track it all.

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