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Top 5 Video Cameras for Virtual Reality

March 21, 2016 2 min read


When it comes to the long-dreamed concept of virtual reality, it would seem as though the future has finally arrived. 

What a time to be alive, right?

Yet, we usually only consider the new ways to experience digital content. Here we'll talk about how you can record your surrounding virtual-reality-style: 360° Cameras

Imagine re-living your trip to Asia, a music festival 10 years ago, a mountain trek as if you were there. These cameras often have 360° microphone to record the full environment you are in. 

In this top 5, we have tried to line up some of the best 360° Cameras for you. Shop smart ;) 


  • Ricoh Theta S: We loved the Ricoh Theta because of its look and simplicity. The design is cool and and the camera is small. It shoots 1080p videos at 30 fps for up to twenty-five minutes. It's a good device to start having fun without spending to much: prices start at $200. Also, transferring your video to your smart device is excessively straightforward.


  • The Bubl cam: Absolutely no blind spot. This 360° Camera shoots1440x1440p footage at 30fps. It is end-to-end technology solution, so you can capture, view and share your best momeries! The product is great, but a little bit expensive to us: $799


  • Nokia OZO: The best of the best, for professionals only (it does cost $60,000...). The Nokia OZO is one of the most well-known virtual reality cameras on the market With eight 2k-by-2k sensors syncing up to eight microphones, this unique-looking virtual reality camera is impressive, to say the least. 
  • Samsung Gear 360: As you can see, the heavyweight tech companies are all looking to dominate the marketplace for virtual reality video cameras. The Samsung Gear 360 certainly seems like something that has what it takes to be successful. The product makes capturing 360 pictures and video a breeze, while also giving you the ability to take advantage of Gear VR quickly and easily. The huge on-camera controls are another appealing element of this camera which will make it super easy to use.
  • Giroptic: Shooting 360-degree video in 2K is definitely one element to this camera that you’re going to get excited about. You’ll also be able to capture 4K panorama pictures, if that sort of thing interests you. Furthermore, you’re going to be pleased that the Giroptic does not require the use of any proprietary editing software.

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