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Top 10 New Technologies to improve your sleep

March 25, 2016 2 min read


With so many sleep-related technologies and products coming out these days, the time has come for you to get that good night’s sleep you’ve been meaning to have for a while now. Sleep-health is one of the most neglected aspects of personal well-being that exists. Even people who eat right and exercise can find themselves dealing with poor sleep patterns.

Deep and meaningful rest is essential. It is tied to a plethora of additional health benefits. If you consistently find yourself struggling to achieve the sleep your body and mind deserve, relax. There is hope out there!

Ready to get some rest? Check out these 10 possibilities:

  • The Aura: This complete kit keeps track of your sleep patterns, and then wakes you up during your weakest sleep phase.
  • Beddit Smart: This ultra-thin sensor is placed under your sheet, at which point it will begin gathering tons of essential data on your sleep patterns.

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  • Dreem: Touting itself as the first active sleep wearable ever released, Dreem works to not only give you accurate, comprehensive data on how you sleep, it also works to improve the overall quality of your sleep in real-time.
  • Sleepbot: Without question, this is one of the most straightforward apps for sleeping that is currently available for Android and iOS devices. A range of features coupled with good reviews from users across the board make this at least worth a look
  • Sense: This is one of the more unique sleep trackers to hit the market. With Sense, you’re talking about something that can be clipped easily enough to your pillow. From there, Sense will keep track of your movements during the night, while you’re asleep.
  • Jawbone Up3: Monitoring a variety of functions within your body, Jawbone Up3 is a good example of a wearable. This product hopes to be able to show consumers when they are experiencing REM sleep, light sleep, or deep sleep, based on the findings.
  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: Given how cheap this one is, there is really no excuse not to try it. Simply put your smartphone under your bed, and Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock will work to figure out the best time to wake you up.
  • Sleep Better: Subscribe to the premium version, and you’ll have alarms, customization options, and the ability to take full advantage of a wealth of data on your sleep. You can look at sleep patterns for the week, the month, or even the full year.
  • aXbo Couple: This unique alarm clock analyzes a variety of personal data. From there, it gives you the best point in which to wake you up, before your alarm goes off.
  • Misfit Shine: This sleep tracker comes with the benefit of being extremely light and easy to use.

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