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September 04, 2015 3 min read

Wireless speakers are a convenient portable electronic to have either in the home or in the office. It gives you the ability to wirelessly listen to music from anywhere on your property and they offer phenomenal sound quality. Though they may retail on the higher side of the price list, they are a feature that you will use repetitively throughout the year, especially if you enjoy entertaining friends and family members.

1. Sony SRS-X3 Speaker System

The SRS-X3is a portable and powerful device. It will enable you to listen to your favorite songs no matter where you are. No need to plug it, just connect it via bluetooth to any compatible device. It can be your phone, music player, tablet or computer. This state of the art device won't let you down! With its 7 hours of battery autonomy you'll be in the mood all day. This amazing device also permits you to take calls while doing something else. By pressing a button, you'll be able to enjoy hand-free calling. Therefore, being busy will no longer prevent you from sharing moments with your friends and family!


2. Bose SoundLink Mini II

This model of wireless speaker can connect to two different Bluetooth devices at the same time and it also offers built-in speakerphone. As with most Bose products, the SoundLink Mini II is renowned for its phenomenal bass response. It also offers crisp highs to create the perfect amount of sound balance. For the size of the unit you would be surprised at the amount of power that it holds within the shell. It’s the perfect portable unit for power and clean sound from such a small speaker. The general unit is available in a matte gray or an off-white but you can purchase soft covers in various colors for added protection. When you purchase the unit, note that it does not come with an AUX cable, though it is compatible with wired devices.


3. Braven 805

Much like the Bose SoundLink Mini II, the Braven 805 offers deep and rich bass tones with impeccably crisp highs to create the perfect sound balance. You will be able to get the speaker to an incredibly loudness, even though it is smaller in size and extremely portable. There is a built-in unit for speakerphone and it has a more colorful design than other portable speakers on the market. It is made for indoor use as it lacks water resistance, though you can bring it outside with special care. There are various colors to choose from including: pink, green, yellow, orange, white, gray, black, or red. It is a Bluetooth capable device and it includes a pairing button on the unit.

4. Veho 360° Vecto Mini Wireless Water Resistant Speaker

This little and cute speaker is a brand new product from the collection Vecto Mini. You will be seduced by the lightness of its design and the quality of the sound. To play your musics you can either plug it into your mobile device whether it is a smartphone, an mp3 player or a tablet. It will accompany you in all occasions, whether you are going hiking with your friends, to the beach, to a picnic or basically everywhere. Its small size and its resistance to water ensure you that nothing can happen to your Vecto Speaker.

5. Polk Audio Hampden

You will get an immaculate audio response with a combination of the perfect amounts of highs and lows. The speakers are intricately designed to emulate vintage/retro speakers but they have the full capability of modernized wireless speakers. You can stream all of your audio through a USB connection straight to the unit or use the Bluetooth connection capabilities.


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