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Good Delivered by Drones: What’s at Stake?

August 27, 2015 2 min read

Drones are much more than weapons that can be used by the governments to spy on foreign nations or to carry hazardous loads. In today’s society, companies and tech-savvy people are gathering together to develop drones that can be used for good purposes such as delivering seeds into the soil to help with replantation or to collect intel in dangerous locations for rescue efforts.

As with any type of technology, it can be useful at first but there are some concerns that the general public has with the use of drones for good. Ranging from the elimination of jobs to having them become publicly available, many people are starting to realize what’s at stake when we start using drones for good.

Reducing the Job Market

Whether used for industrial applications or for government tasks, the more that drones are used, the less jobs there will be available for specialty professionals. As an example, if a drone is designed to carry mail from one location to another, it completely eliminates the need for mail delivery personnel. Even if drones are used to fertilize crops, it eliminates the need for farmers to do their jobs. This theory can apply to relatively any type of technology that can be used in the workforce.

Public Accessibility

There have already been numerous concerns brought up about the public having access to drones, especially in regards to the privacy of others. The more that drones are used for every day applications, the easier it will be for the public to get access to them. Imagine what it would be like if your neighbor had their own collection of drones and they were curious as to what you and your family are doing on Friday night. All they would have to do is power up their drone and fly it over into your backyard.

This was a large topic of discussion in regards to the comfort and safety of celebrities. As fans were able to use drones to get access to property without having to actually step foot on the premises. They could fly their drones overhead and record/capture video and images of the property. This could become an incredibly large safety concern not only for the A-list but for the general public as well.

Drones are a functional piece of technology that could prove to be useful in many ways, but it is important that we consider what’s at stake before making them a staple in today’s society.

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