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Window Cleaners

May 28, 2015 2 min read


The days of buckets, spray bottles and squeegees may be a thing of a past with the advancements in robotic window washers.  Automatic window cleaners have been used on sky scrapers for a while now in order to reduce the human risk element. These machines are usually controlled via a hoist attached to the roof and can weigh up to 1500 pounds! Home window cleaners are becoming more common like the  robotic vacuums.

As can be imagined the idea of a machine hanging from a vertical surface seems impossible but the technology has advanced enough providing two methods of keeping a robotic window washer attached to the window. The first type of machine uses a magnetic system. This system has a magnet on the opposite side of the window to hold the unit in place while it travels and cleans. Fail safes are in place to ensure the unit doesn’t fall like an additional suction cup holding the cord. The weight of the machines is not anywhere near that of commercial units weighing in at 6 pounds on average.

The second suction system does not use magnets but a vacuum seal. In the event of a power outage an onboard backup battery is included that guides the device back to the bottom of the window where it can be easily retrieved.

The robotic window cleaners work by spraying a pad with cleaner and affixing them to the window being cleaned either by magnet or vacuum seal. The units creep and crawl all over the space cleaning as they go. They are equipped with microfiber pads that dry and polish behind them. Some come with remotes that allow you to steer them.

The price range of these window washing robots is hovering around the $400 dollar mark for several different leading companies. The reviews coming in on the various devices are good. You can discover WellBot's selection of  Window Cleaners here!

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