Autel Robotics

Whether they’re used to create dynamic cinematography, monitor the security of large areas or just for fun, it’s no secret that drones have become very popular with professionals and hobbyists. Autel Robotics drones are known for their high performance and rugged construction. In particular, the Autel Robotics EVO series adds industry-leading image quality to its list of features. As the leading source for all types of smart products, Wellbots is proud to offer Autel drones.

At Wellbots, we have curated a collection of Autel Robotics EVO drones, as well as other series and related accessories including battery chargers, remote controllers and camera attachments. Our range of new Autel drones includes devices capable of recording 8K video, as well as those featuring 2.4Ghz for exceptional reception — even in urban areas. We are dedicated to carrying only the best products across all our categories, and you’ll find proof of that here. To learn more, browse our selection of products.