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Altos Personal Wellbeing Assistant Air Composition Meter

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  • Altos Personal Wellbeing Assistant Air Composition Meter

    Altos - The first personal accessory to ensure air composition is right for optimal cognitive performance.

    - Productivity. Enhance your full cognitive capabilities and brain performance.
    - Wellbeing. Improve your indoor environment to feel better.
    - Health. Make sure the air you breathe does no harm.

    Higher CO2 concentrations impair the human brain.

    Have you ever got stuck on a task for no apparent reason? Here’s a clue: your brain lacks fuel for work. According to multiple studies, people’s cognitive performance depends directly on what air they breathe. So the more CO2 is in the air, the less productive we are in our thinking process.

    “At CO2 exposure of 1000 parts per million, which is quite common for indoor environments, our brain performance decreases by 35%. Thus, more than one-third of the max cognition capability is lost due to improper air composition.” Environ Health Perspect, Published 2012 Sep 20

    Make sure your brain has enough fuel with Altos monitoring air composition.

    CO2 levels change swiftly — even one person’s normal breathing in a non-ventilated room increases CO2 up to the adverse concentration, and this can happen fast and unnoticed. Altos helps you stay informed of what air you breathe.

    • Accurate air composition data
    • Perfect size and neat design
    • Companion app for a smooth experience 

    Altos warns you when the air composition changes.

    Even one person breathing normally in an unventilated room can push CO2 to beyond desirable levels. This can happen quickly, without being noticed.

    We’ve got your back – carry Altos around, and it will give you a notice.

    Besides Altos device we are offering  companion app designed to optimise people’s brain performance and wellbeing by analysing environment around them. The built-in sensors measure carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity, while the app also provides more detailed information including noise level and personal, science-based recommendations, statistics over the months and days etc.

    We are constantly working on adding more comprehensive useful information that could bridge the gap between physical environment we are in and our wellbeing, so stay tuned!

  • 1x Altos

  • No recharging for up to 6 months
    The first portable and autonomous environmental monitor: 250 gr weight and less than 4 inches in length.
    During the development of Altos, we tested more than 12 sensors to get the best
    Exclusive Reuleaux triangle shape and nice-to-touch texture for your comfort
    Easy-to-use and friendly, Altos helps and supports you but does not bother
    Detailed environment analysis and useful tips for your wellbeing
    Carry Altos around using the out-of-the-box wearing accessories
    Get Altos in your favorite color to make it a stylish accessory