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GTR Simulator

GTR Simulator - The best racing simulators on the market

GTR Driving Simulator has engineered a fresh new look in the racing simulator cockpit market. GTR Driving Simulator is not just another video game chair, there are nine different models, and each model will give the driver a completely different driving/flying experience.

Regardless of you’re racing a Formula Car, Radical Racer Car, Le Mans, GT Race cars or just sedan or coupe, the track comes to your house. The racing simulation experience comes to you. This is one of the best game chair in the industry. Now you can drive your own race car, drift car, or any types of driving in the comfort of your house with the race simulator. GTR Racing Simulator is an entirely new kind of driving experience, for an entirely new kind of driving simulator. You will feel like you’re in the middle of the action on your favorite track! Brag to your friend about your driving technique in our game chair, compete your performance against the computer or your friends, or race online against other drivers anywhere in the world in the race simulator.

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