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Next Level Racing Challenger Simulator Cockpit

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  • Next Level Racing Challenger Simulator Cockpit 

    Bring the race track right into your home with the Next Level Racing Challenger Simulator Cockpit, the perfect cockpit for users to enter the world of simulated racing! The minimalistic design of the Challenger cockpit provides users with a realistic and rigid racing experience. This cockpit is the perfect starting setup for anyone looking to get started in simulated racing as users can mount their steering wheel, pedals, and shifter to get a true driving experience from the comfort of their home.

    (Please Note: Wheels, pedals, shifters, and other electronics are NOT included in this product)



    Fully Adjustable

    The positions for the wheel, pedals, seat, and gear shift are all easily adjustive on this cockpit - suitable for both children and large adults.

    Adjustable seat angle brackets, padded seating, easy-to-clean fabric will provide all of the thrills in the comfort of your own home.

    Users can also switch gears with ease with the included gear shift plates. Mountable on the right or left side of the cockpit, the added adjustment plates contain various mounting holes to suit all users.

    This cockpit was designed to have the center pole holding the wheel positioned closer to the user rather than the user's feet, meaning there will be no compromise on braking or heel and toe driving.

    The pedal plates, made with premium steel strengthening bolts, ensure a rigid racing experience and can even have their angle and distance adjusted to suit the needs of the user. 

    You can find the user manual here

    Find below the presentation video for the assembly of this great sim racing cockpit.

    • 1 x Next Level Racing Challenger Cockpit frame and seat
    • 1 x Seat Slider
    • 1 x Shifter Plate
    • 1 x Pedal Plate
    • 1 x Set of Cable Management Clips to hold up to 5 cables
    • 1 x Set of Tools for quick and easy assembly
    • 1 x Instruction Manual 
    • 1 x Gear Shifter Adapter
    • 1 x Pack of Bolts to hard mount your wheel, shifter and pedals
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    Supported Height:
    4' - 6'9" (in cm: 120-210)

    Supported Max Weight:
    330lbs (150kg)

    Product Dimensions (L x W x H in inches):
    55 x 18 x 93 (in cm: 140 x 48 x 93)

    Boxed Dimensions (L x W x H in inches):
    33 x 21 x 10 (in cm: 84 x 55 x 27)

    Seat Add-On Boxed Dimensions (L x W x H in inches):
    42 x 21 x 14 (in cm: 83 x 54 x 19)

    Product Weight:
    52lbs (24kg)

    Seat Add-On Weight:
    33lbs (15kg)

    Boxed Weight:
    70lbs (30kg)

    Seat Add-On Boxed Weight:
    37lbs (17kg)

    Manufacturer Part Number: