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Next Level Racing Traction Plus Motion Platform

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  • Next Level Racing Traction Plus Motion Platform

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    Key Features:

    - Over 4 years of product development, featuring more than 2000 components
    -Used by professional drivers, race teams and training institutions
    -Highest quality European manufacturing
    -Supported by the Next Level Racing® Platform Manager Software
    -VR Compatibility for Personal and Commercial Use
    -Combines with V3 Motion Platform to provide sway, surge, roll, pitch, understeer, oversteer, power slides and drifting, partial heave, vehicle and road effects as well as shunting 

    (Please Note: Seat, Monitors, Stands, Accessories are NOT included with this product) 

    Breathtaking Realism & Performance 

    The Traction Plus is truly a world class product engineered to finally close that gap between the track/tarmac and simulation with an experience like no other motion simulator before. This sliding concept and technology has only even been seen before in the highest level professional race teams - teams with budgets often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    The Traction Plus was developed in collaboration with a world-class motion engineering team to deliver an unmatched motion experience. To achieve this level of realism, development has includes over 2000 components, and requires unique technology and engineering with a product designed from the ground up. The platform has been designed purely for simulation rather than just using commercial actuators. The Traction Plus is so much more than just a rear traction loss system; as it is even designed to combine with the V3 motion platform to provide a ground breaking motion simulator experience.


    Providing Vehicle Feedback with Precision

    The Traction Plus moves the entire cockpit and delivers both understeer and oversteer in the most precise, realistic way possible. 

    Based on feedback from professional aggregated during product development, the understeer component of a motion platform which is usually only found in 6DOF systems is absolutely essential in accurately simulating the vehicle to this precise level. Users can fine-tune their cornering and rally while training with the platform; as the platform lets users feel what is happening with both the rear and front of the vehicle. Even the differences between all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive can felt with the precise feedback delivered by the Traction Plus platform.

    The Traction Plus combined with the Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3 provides incredibly levels of vehicle feedback to the driver to feel exactly what the vehicle is experiencing by delivering precise sway, surge, roll, pitch, understeer and front traction loss, oversteer and rear traction loss, power slides and drifting, partial heave, vehicle and road effects (road surface, bumps, wheel lock/spin, gear changes, etc.) and shunting effects (to feel side impact contact from opponents/wall).  


    Innovation and Technology

    The technology, design, and engineering of the Traction Plus is completely ground breaking and users will expect the same level of quality and durability with this product as found with the Motion Platform V3. Designed and manufactured in Europe and powered by MotionSystems, the Traction Plus is world-class. While keeping the home user in mind during these extraordinary times, painstaking engineering has been exercised to not only set a benchmark in performance but to also ensure the Traction Plus is the quietest motion platform in its class. 

    Take it to the Skies

    Much like the Motion Platform V3, the Traction Plus can provide more realistic flight characteristics for pilots of all kinds - airline, private, military - to experience. The Pitch and Roll axis simulation from the Motion Platform V3 is augmented with the Traction Plus to provide the third axis of Yaw to generate an incredibly authentic sensation of flight. The simulator can be paired with augmented reality/VR and even replicates the motions of landing gear operations, turbulence, crosswind effects, ground movement, and combat/cannon fire to create an unparalleled level of realism. Smooth rudder operation can be effectively trained with the combination of yaw and pivot. Whether for fun, training, or professional development, the Traction Plus will surely play an important role for any aviator's journey.


    Click and Play Software

    The Traction Plus comes with the advanced Next Level Racing®  Platform Manager Software specifically made for the V3 and Traction Plus platforms using telemetry data to give the most realistic and accurate profile cues. This professional grade software was developed by world leading motion engineers to ensure absolute precision in delivering feedback from the game, without lag, in real time. While professional software, the Platform Manager Software was designed for novices with an easy-to-use dashboard to start games and change all settings at the click of a button. For those users that prefer getting more hands-on with each setting, the profiles for the platform are highly customizable. The Platform Manager Software is constantly updated and new compatible titles are added as new games are released. For a complete list of video game titles currently compatible with this product, checkout the link here: https://nextlevelracing.com/motion-games/. 

    VR and Commercial Use

    The Next Level Racing® Traction Plus Platform combined with VR is simply an unsurpassable experience for racing flight, or even amusement software for rollercoasters and speedboats! Compatible titles include Assetto Corsa®, Dirt Rally®, iRacing®, Project Cars®, and Xplane®.

    You can find the user manual here

    Find below the unboxing and review video for the Next Level Racing Traction Plus Platform.

    • 1 x Next Level Racing® Traction Plus Motion Platform
    • 1 x Next Level Racing® Platform Manage Software download
    • 1 x Set of USB and power cables (including ferrite core)
    • 1 x Pack of Nuts and Bolts required for assembly
    • 1 x Product Manual
    • 1 x Set of Adaptor Plates to bolt your Next Level Racing® GTtrack or Next Level Racing® Flight simulator Pro Cockpit directly to the Traction Plus Platform
  • Compatible Next Level Racing Products:
    Next Level Racing® GT Track Racing Simulator Cockpit
    Next Level Racing® Flight Simulator Pro (coming soon)
    Next Level Racing® Motion Platform V3
    DIY Cockpits (mounting holes on top of the platform that users can adapt to use with their own cockpits)

    Power Source:
    4A/115VAC, 2A/230VAC

    Rated Power:

    Protection Class:
    Class I

    Max Payload:
    518lbs (235kg)

    Ambient Temperatures:
    -4° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C)

    Full Performance Temperatures:
    41° to 95°F (5° to 35°C)

    Direct Bolt Compatibilities:
    Next Level Racing GTtrack & Flight Simulator Pro Cockpits

    Product Weight:
    238lbs (108kg)

    Product Dimensions (L x W x H in inches):
    44 x 65 x 5 (in cm: 112 x 165 x 13)

    Boxed Dimensions (L x W x H in inches):
    Box 1 & 3: 45 x 21.45 x 5.5 (in cm: 115 x 54.5 x 14)
    Box 2: 26 x 19 x 8.8 (in cm: 68 x 50 x 22.5)

    Boxed Weight:
    Box 1 & 3: 101lbs (46kg)
    Box 2: 57lbs (26kg)

    Part Number(s):
    NLR-T001A | NLR-T001B | NLR-T001C