Dogtra RR Deluxe Remote Receiver and Transmitter

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  • Dogtra RR Deluxe Remote Receiver and Transmitter

    Unleash your dog’s potential with Dogtra RR Deluxe Remote Release Receiver and Transmitter with a 1-mile range perfect for upland hunting and retrieval training. With realistic duck call and beep sound and a unique coding system to control up to 8 receivers, Dortra’s RR Deluxe is destined to make your dog exceptional.

    Enhance your pet’s training experience with realistic settings thanks to Dogtra’s RR Deluxe Remote Release Receiver and Transmitter. Compatible with Dogtra QL & PL launchers, RR Deluxe has a 1-mile range and can control up to 2 launchers on one receiver. Its realistic duck call and beep sounds are perfect to train your canine for upland hunting and retrieving.

    A most sought-after pet training equipment by hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, Dogtra’s RR Deluxe is a compact, hand-held remote transmitter and comes with a unique coding system that can be programmed to control up to 16 launcher receivers. Its beeper horn is perfect for the identification of location. A cleverly designed piece of trainer from Dogtra professionals, RR Deluxe Remote Receiver and Transmitter works towards enhancing your dog’s marking abilities for hunting expeditions.


    Main Features

    With the vast span reach combined with realistic duck calls and beep sounds, Dogtra’s RR Deluxe is perfect for upland training, hunting and retrieval sessions of your canine. It is compatible with Dogtra QL, PL and other non-Dogtra launchers.

    Technically advanced yet easily programmable, Dogtra’s RR Deluxe Remote Receiver and Transmitter is a compact, hand-held device with a coding system that lets you code and operates for up to 16 receiver launchers for limitless capabilities.

    Its unique 2 port system along with an extension cable lets you operate 2 launchers from a single receiver.  Additional receivers can be added with ease to support up to 8 receivers, perfect for hunting expeditions.

    The compact handheld remote transmitter is fitted with a LED indicator light on top for easy viewing and has three variants of colors for various indications. Its rechargeable Ni-MH lithium battery can support multiple uses and hence makes this training tool versatile. 

    While the realistic duck call and beep sound can alert your canine with its instincts, the receiver’s beeper horn is perfect for location identification when training your dog for upland hunting with Dogtra’s QL & PL launchers.

    Tested with Dogtra’s toughest testing standards, the Dogtra RR Deluxe transmitter is entirely waterproof and the handheld receiver is water-resistant, a device that takes canine training to a whole new level.




    • 1 x Remote Transmitter
    • 1 x Antenna
    • 1 x Receiver
    • 1 x Battery Charger with Cables
    • 1 x Code Setting Guides
    • 1 x Numbering Stickers
    • 1 x Dogtra Owner’s Manual

  • Warranty:
    1 year



    Dogtra QL & PL Launchers
    3rd Party Launchers

    Duck Call, Beep, Beep Horn

    Water Proof:
    Transmitter – Water Proof
    Receiver – Water Resistant

    Ni-MH Lithium Rechargeable Battery (Included)

    2 Port

    Up to 16 Launcher Receivers

    4.25 x 3.03 x 1.61 inches