EufyCam 2 Pro | 2 Cameras and 1 Homebase 2

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  • Looking for the Best Security Camera?

    The EufyCam 2 Pro is a security cam for your house. This security cam will protect you, protect your loved ones, and protect your privacy too. If you are considering to installed security cameras to have a secure record of everything that happens at home, the EufyCam 2 Pro is your best option.

    - 2K Resolution
    - 1-year charge battery
    - Zero hidden costs
    - Advanced night vision
    - Ready for anywhere

    Good vision quality in the day and also at night, the 2K resolution will allow you to see with clarity every corner. The  EufyCam 2 Pro is weatherproof so you can also install it outside and the rain will not affect it. Prevent false alerts on the day with the human detection function, and receive instant mobile alerts at night when suspicious motions are detected. 



    The Ultimate Surveillance System

    We know that your privacy is the priority, and because of that, the EufyCam 2 Pro ensures that your videos are kept in private. In case you need to have access to the video, the technology of this camera allows you to watch them at any time, anywhere, via a secure 256-bit encrypted connection.

    Imagine that someone is calling at the door... well with the amazing EufyCam 2 Pro you can also have real-time interaction and speak directly to anyone via two-way audio. 



    Something more...

    Protects You, and your loved ones
    - 100% Wire-Free
    - Smart Image Enhancement
    - Human Detection
    - Activity Zones
    - Real-Time Response
    - Smart Integration
    - Military-Grade Encryption

    • 2 x EufyCam 2 Pro
    • 1 x HomeBase 2
    • Mount
    • Micro USB Charging Cable
    • AC Power Adapter
    • Ethernet Cable
    • User Manual
  • Dimensions:
    L 8.96" x W 7.19" x H 6.81"

    3.11 lbs

    Field of View:
    135 Degrees

    Storage Capacity:

    Camera Type:


    2 K

    Apple HomeKit
    Google Assistant
    Amazon Alexa

    Battery life: