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Advancements in technology and science have allowed the human race to thrive, especially in most recent years. With the dawn of devices like smart phones, tablets, smart watches, and of course, the ever beloved internet, there’s very little we have to worry (or complain) about.

Just as there are smart minds and prodigies cooking up new ways to make our lives more comfortable, there are those not-so-brilliant inventors that just make us wonder – what the hell?



  • Portable Chin Rest – Since when was an open palm too much to bring around? Well, someone in Japan seemed to think it was a good idea. I mean, who doesn’t want to sleep while standing on a train? Those Japanese high-speed subways take forever!
  • Control Alt Delete Wand – Yes, because reaching over to grab a clunky metal wand the length of your keyboard and carefully aligning its prongs with your control, alt, and delete buttons is a lot less problematic than just doing it with your hands.

  • Baby Mop – Tired of those babies who just seem to crawl around all day for no good reason? Annoyed by your little guy just dragging his body constantly across your hardwood floors? Then slap on the Baby Mop and watch your baby clean as he goes! Baby not included

  • Car Exhaust Grill – A very ambitious idea, even ecological, if you really think about it. Mmm, fumes. 

  • Shoe Umbrellas – There’s now no excuse not to wear those brand new shoes with these amazing shoe umbrellas. Forget that they make you look like a character from a trippy 90s 8-bit video game, it’s all about maintaining your shoes’ integrity.

  • Revolving Ice Cream Cone – Whoever came up with this monstrosity obviously just wants to ruin everything. The revolving ice cream cone basically spins your scoop of frozen happiness every time you take a lick. It’s already a challenge managing those delicious drips on a hot summer day, add in an extra spinning feature? This needs to end.

  • Diet Water – For those seeking a lighter alternative to regular water, try diet water! Minus all those extra calories and sugary fats.

  • DVD Rewinder – I’ll just leave this here.

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Lilian Arikan
Lilian Arikan

July 09, 2020

The baby mop is actually kind of smart!

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