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August 24, 2015 2 min read 1 Comment

Newspapers have laid off hundreds of scribes with the beginning of the revolution of the internet and there is a possibility that robot writers are the new future for reporters. Two start-ups in particular,  Narrative Science and Automated Insights, have developed extremely sophisticated programs that can generate news stores by sifting through huge amounts of data. Robot writers may be the future of popular media as we know it.

The main purpose of a robot writer is much like any other technological element that is introduced into an industry: to do more for less. Companies such as  YahooBloomberg, and Reuters have begun looking into the use of robot writers and have noticed that they are able to produce many more stories for a fraction of the cost associated with professional journalists.

Expanding into Social Media

Not only do robot writers have the ability to influence popular news outlets, but they have also been finding their way into social media during recent years. The software can easily generate a variety of different tweets or status updates for websites including  Twitter and Facebook. Whether athletic organizations want to post stats about their most popular athletes or if a company wants to share interesting facts with the general public, these robot writers can be useful for generating social media messages.

Will Robot Writers Replace All Writing Professions?

The main concern to have with robot writers is the fact that they can create content and make sure that it is personalized at the same time so it doesn’t read like computer generated text. Instead of needing humans to make the content readable, this is one instance where computers can do things that humans cannot.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that robot writers will begin to replace every writing professional, but it can certainly help to produce more content that people have access to. In fact, the software can be used to write stories that other people aren’t aware of or that other people simply aren’t writing about. As an example, if a community has little league softball games, a professional journalist wouldn’t cover the event. This is where you could rely on the robot writers to create content about the little league game.

Robot writers are going to be the future of writing as we know it as they help to make the process more convenient and less expensive. They’re already being used today and will only become more popular within the years to come.

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