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Living In A Connected World - From Tracking Health To Tracking Your Home

September 05, 2014 2 min read

When people think about a future where you could control everything in your home and daily life with a touch of a button, it’s often thought of in the far and distant future. That’s not true, if you look at modern technology and how much connectivity is now rampant. If you have a smartphone, for instance, you have the master key that can connect you to everything electronic in your home. That’s just a starting point because you will see that there are a lot more opportunities around that you can take towards embracing living in a connected world.

Tracking Activity

The first major thing that you will notice when you start to investigate connectivity, automation, and more within the internet of things is fitness. Fitness has become streamlined, whether you’re a runner or simply someone to keep track of your daily activity. Activity trackers can count how many steps you take, how fast you go, and even how much you eat. All of this is done by wearing a small device, and that’s it. There are even some trackers that can connect with your shoes, and they will denote whether or not you’re hitting the right steps. All of this information conveniently gets funneled into your smartphone, or tablet with ease. It’s connected, and automatically gives you all the data you need to see your progress.

Appliances, Entertainment, and More

The bigger items in your home are going to get you thinking about automation with relative ease. The refrigerators coming out today have automatic temperature adjustments, controls, and more. Televisions memorize your viewing schedule, record shows on the fly, and do just about anything you want without having to continually hit buttons on a remote. These things can be overridden with your smartphone, whether you’re at home or you’re on your way. That’s just the beginning, as there are already many elements in place that use automatic timing, and controls such as air conditioning systems, lighting, and even security systems.

Insteon, for example, offers a wide range of products that help completely automate your home. Whether you want to turn off an appliance connected to an electrical outlet or switch a light on in another room, you have direct access to this from your smartphone.

Gardening Made Simple

Perhaps one of the most unique of options that is coming through the pipeline is that of robotic lawn mowers. Instead of worrying about having to mow your lawn, just set up a robot to cut it for you and watch the lawn become a manicured, award-winning area of your home. Program it once and watch your garden get the love and attention it deserves without having to bring out the bulky mower!

These connection points are just the beginning. The world of automation is proliferating the trade shows and technology stores online and offline. You’ll want to take note because the future is not far off in the distance, it’s definitely here and now. 

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