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New Technologies and Fitness

February 17, 2016 2 min read


There has been an explosion of wearable gadgets. Over the last five years, dozens of companies have rolled out scores of fitness trackers and wearable tech that can easily transform your life, or at least how you exercise and track your progress. However, it must be noted that not all brands are noteworthy. Some of the many products are just hyped up and quite futile at the prices they sell for. You need to pick gadgets that are reliable.

You obviously don’t need features that you would hardly use. Pick fitness trackers, apps or wearable techs that would suit your needs. Don’t spend money unnecessarily. Here are some of the latest and finest uses of technology in fitness

  • Nike Fuelband is easily one of the coolest wearable gadgets out there. The wristband, more like a smart-band, has motion sensors tracking your movement. No matter what you do, what kind of fitness routine you have, the sports you play or the simple activities involving movement, you can measure your motions and get Nike Fuel points. You can compare your level of activity with others. 10,000 steps indicate a healthy lifestyle. See how many you indulge in right now.
  • Fitbit Charge HR takes the tech a tad further than the Fuelband. It doesn’t just track your steps but also the effort you are putting in. How hard you are working out, your heart rate and the calories you burn are accurately estimated by the Fitbit Charge HR. You can also measure your heart rate when you are sleeping or just lazing on the couch.
  • There are stopwatches or running watches and there is the Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS. It is no ordinary running watch. You can schedule your training session, track your performance, you can get tips and you get GPS to help en-route.
  • If you don’t like to wear a watch or you don’t think there is a need, then you would want to try Strava Run and Strava Cycling. These are smart phone apps that can track your activity, plot the route using GPS and can also keep records of your performance, while helping you to improve. Whether you are working out in a gym, running on the beach or cycling, these apps would be very handy.
  • Regardless of the level of activity or the fitness routine you have, you must watch your weight. Thus, you need a weighing scale. Traditional scales are now archaic. We all know that what matters more than the weight is the body mass index. We also know that sudden weight gain and abrupt weight loss are both equally undesirable. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale can help you to track your weight, observe changes and you can have your body mass index estimated. The device can keep records of as many as seven people at a time. There is also an app that provides you access to all the data and you can also manage the records.

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