Top 5 Personal Mobility Devices

February 10, 2016 2 min read 1 Comment

When we watch those futuristic movies and TV shows, we’re bound to see some super hi-tech personal mobility devices, used to get around houses, communities, and areas within a neighbourhood for easy strolling or epic escape scenes. Wouldn’t we all just want a piece of that technology?

Luckily, modern technology has been taking steps to bring us to that dream, allowing us access to some of the coolest personal mobility devices to ever hit the market. While they might not be all that common right now, predictions say that these awesome advancements will be the next big thing, minimizing our use of cars and public transport not only for a greener world, but also to look super cool navigating the streets.

  • Acton Rocket Skates – The Acton Rocket Skates add a unique spin to an otherwise boring personal mobility device of the past. Back in the day of high waist, light wash jeans, high-set ponytails, and colourful wristbands, roller skates were the in thing. But these days, roller skates need to make way for their modern rocket counterpart, the Acton Rocket Skates. Designed for speed, these easy to operate personal mobility devices of the future make moving around simple

  • Yuneec E-Go – Personal transport never looked this cool. Back when skateboards were all the rage, we struggled to find out the right body mechanics to get those clunky pieces of elongated plastic to move the way we wanted them to. With so many technicalities, tricks, and potential injuries to be had, lots of us gave up on the dream faster than it came. Yuneec E-Go allows its users to enjoy the fun of riding a skateboard – minus all that mumbo jumbo!

  • Self-Balancing Hoverboards– Think front facing skateboard. The IO Hawk uses two powerful wheels to steer its rider through hallways and streets with ease. This personal transport device of the future makes moving around super easy, and loads of fun. Riding on this handle-less Segway makes for one of the most entertaining experiences you’ll ever have on a personal transport device.

  • EcoReco Electric Scooter– This eco friendly, portable, and intelligent battery-powered scooter was designed to become the best alternative for our common urban transportation options. The EcoReco adds a modern spin on the otherwise classic childhood transport favourite – the two-wheel scooter. This electric device allows users to enjoy ease of movement through urban streets and sidewalks while producing zero emissions for a cleaner, greener environment

  • Ninebot One– At first glance, this device might seem like an overly accessorized dinner plate, but the Ninebot One is becoming more and more popular in the market today. How could it not? This electric powered unicycle of the future provides its rider an opportunity to glide smoothly through crowds while maintaining a stylish and futuristic look.

Whether you’ve been into personal transport for a while now, or if you’ve just jumped on the futuristic bandwagon (no pun intended), then these personal transport devices are guaranteed to keep you satisfied for years to come.

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