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Sony SmartWear: Moving Towards A Smarter Life

September 25, 2014 2 min read

Sony takes another step in the SmartWear industry with the new Sony SmartWatch 3 and Sony SmartBand Talk

With all the talk about the Apple Watch, we almost overlooked Sony and their SmartWear developments. Earlier this month, Sony recently upped their stance in the wearable tech market by releasing successors to the SmartWatch 2 and SmartBand, the SmartWatch 3 and the SmartBand Talk. Hitting the stores this December, both these products will feature syncing with the Lifelog app and tracking various aspects of the user as seen previously with the SmartBand. Lifelog allows the user to track their activities, set goals and mark memorable moments throughout their daily lives. A lifelogger at its best, both these products provide accurate and detailed logs of your activity throughout their daily life.

As the name suggests, the SmartBand Talk comes with a microphone and a speaker allowing you to talk and hear your caller with high definition voice support similar to the original Samsung Gear. You can monitor your activities from Lifelog and view notifications/time/date on the always-on 1.4-inch e-paper display. The SmartBand successor also comes with new built-in accelerometer and enhanced altimeter technology providing a more accurate view of your physical activities. Like all the recently released products from Sony, the SmartBand Talk is also waterproof (IP68) and can be worn almost all the time.

Abandoning the UI from its predecessor, for the SmartWatch 3 Sony has collaborated with Google’s Android Wear platform and runs the device on that operating system. This software is extremely user-friendly and organizes your information, presenting it accurately whenever you require it. You can view any messages, notification or weather updates at a glance on the transreflective 1.6-inch TFT LCD display, enhancing viewability in bright light. The device also has 4GB of internal storage, for music personal playlists.

A main feature of Android Wear, users can interact with the device through voice input, for anything such as information on flights, directions or tips on any personal interests. It has a built-in accelerometer, gyrometer, compass, microphone and GPS sensor (assisting in accurate lifelogging) as well as its own standalone applications and is waterproof. Sony has yet to state the price of both these products that are going to be in stores at the end of this year.

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